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Words have consequences. It does. Whether you believe it or not, every word, written, spoken, shouted, whispered, could possibly mark someone for life. Every bully label, proverb, advice, compliments could be taken seriously by anyone. It has a profound impact whether we realize it or not.

Imagine yourself walking down the street wearing an apparel with The word “INSECURE” written on it. Every person you come across sees and read what is written on you. How would you feel about that? What kind of impact do you want to make?

Levite exists to change, to build, to impact, to speak life into someone, and to challenge ourselves of the word that we wear every single day.


You will never know when you change lives. Whether you are at work, a party, even in your own home, those words that you wear matter.

You are seen. You are significant. The words you display will influence others and yourself. If you don’t make a decision to change lives, who would?

Choose to change, choose to impact, choose to be challenged.